Xbox 360 review

Okay, the Xbox 360 might be a bit old and rubbish but this a console apparently.
You have PS2 feature by putting it up strait or horizontally, bad start. This what the Xbox 360 has:

The Xbox 360 boasts a custom-built IBM PowerPC CPU running at 3.2GHz with memory at 512MB RAM. The graphics chip is a custom-built ATI chip capable of advanced analysing and shadier effects. This means that the Xbox 360 will have the processing power to deliver true 720p and 1080i wide-screen HDTV images for all of its games.
Another bad thing which all Xbox 360 people know is the "red ring of death" or "red lights of death". If you don't know about this I'll tell yo u more about it. When the Xbox 360 starts starting up all of this lights go green all around and the "red ring of death" makes all the lights red and doesn't work anymore, dies out basically.
These are the differences between Xbox 360, the Wii and PS3.
  • Graphics: Alright
  • Size: Poor
  • Technology: Alright
  • Old: Excellent
  • Simple menu: Poor
So not a good console after all.

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