10 Must-Dos in London

10 Must-Dos in London
10 Must-Dos in London

Venice Trip Report

Venice Trip Report
Venice Trip Report

Disneyland California Trip

Disneyland California Trip
Disneyland California Trip

Lexmark Uk has a nice way of dealing with it's customers

My X5470 printer developed a fault when I bought a new cartridge and it kept on saying right cartridge incorrect. I contacted Lexmark and through their live support, they said that they would kindly send me a new cartridge, I sent a copy of my cartridge receipt and as my printer was in warranty I got a nice 33 colour ink cartridge - amazingly, this also had the same problem.

I replied to the Lexmark representative via e-mail and said that this cartridge had the same fault and they said that the problem must be with the printer. I was dreading that I would have to get an order code and make sure that my printer got to Lexmark and pay all the postage for such a heavy and large item. Luckily, Lexmark said:

"We would like to inform you that it seem to be a problem with the printer and we would be replacing the printer which you would be receiving the same in 2 - 3 bussiness days. We would like to inform you that we are going to replace only the printer and you will have to use the same ink cartridges and the power supply.
We also request you to keep the faulty printer with you or recycle the printer on your own, please do not recycle the printer until you receive the replacement printer.
We also would like to inform you that the warrenty (sic) of the printer will not be a new one but it will be carried forwarded from the original date of purchase."

I soon got the printer through my post less than 36 hours later and it was an even newer model - the X5495 - it came with two ink cartridges, the No. 33 cartridges don't work through but my black cartridges do. So I have 2 very nearly new cartridges for sale on eBay - no buyers yet.

Upgrading AVG 7.5 Free to AVG 8.0 Free

Well, AVG seems to be trying to scare you into paying £40 to buy it's new full anti-virus package which like all other vendors' is bloated. So how do you upgrade to AVG 8.0 FREE? Here's a guide.
Downloading the file:
  • Head over to http://free.grisoft.com
  • Click on the 'Get it now' button under the free virus protection
  • Scroll down and click 'Continue to AVG Free download'
  • Click another button on the new page also called 'Continue to AVG Free download'
  • Click 'Download AVG Free 8.0'
  • Click download not on the Cnet site and save the file to the desktop (The downlaod is around 45MB)
Installing the new system:
  • Click the file on the desktop and run it.
  • Click Next and then Accept the agreement
  • AVG will detect that AVG 7 is installed on your PC, click Next
  • Select standard Installation on the next screen
  • Your Free License details should all be filled in automatically, click Next
  • On the next screen uncheck the box if you do not want to install the AVG toolbar and click Next
  • Finally click Finish, on the next screen you will be asked to terminate applications, click Next to do this.
Shortly after the program will install and you will have a first run wizard to go through.
  • Click Next
  • Select what time you'd like your scans to run daily or make them not run daily. Click next
  • On step 3, check the box if you are happy to provide information about potentially dangerous website to AVG, click next to update your AVG.
  • Click Next again
  • AVG cannot update without rebooting and a message may appear saying this. If not, continue through the setup wizard, if so, finish these steps and then reboot and update.
  • Click to register or skip this step.
  • Press Finish and you will be asked to restart, do this - then run the update manually when you have rebooted.

On The Run

Story line:
You're trying to escape to be free and safety but the 'Corporation' is stopping you! The 'Corporation' will try and kill you by rampaging into a small yellow car(you) by there 4X4s.

The layout of the game:

They'll be a small yellow car in the middle of the screen always and two bars - one bar on the left top corner telling you the car's fuel (Where's there's a giant M), and one bar on the right top side corner telling you the damage of the car (Where the spanner).
If you're car is really badly damaged (When the arrow is in the red section) you can pick up a spanner with a bubble a round to get the damaged car repaired.
If you're car has low fuel (When the arrow is in the red section) you can pick up a giant M and you'll have full fuel.

The way to win at the game On The Run:
You'll have to wait a few seconds at the traffic lights to go green; keep your finger on the top arrow key until it goes green. When it's gone green try and avoid the car behind you.

How to set up a wireless network in Windows XP

Windows XP makes setting up a wireless network as easy as taking candy from a baby - extremely easy . We will look at networking as me detail in few weeks time but here's now you can create your wireless network in just four easy steps!

Step 1: for a PC running Windows XP Service pack 2, creating a network is extremely simple. Click the start button, open Control Panel. Now click in Network and Internet Connections and then open the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.

Step 2: Follow the Wizard's clear, simple instructions. To start off with you will be asked to name your network. Be as simple as you what but do not include personal details - it can contain a maximum of 32 characters and can be either a word or a phrase. there os a check box that enables you to use WPA encyrption instead of WEP - try this as most newer routers and cards have it (last few years) - this provides better encryption.

Step 3: When the wizard asks about encryption keys, select "Automatically assign a network key". We would then advise you to choose the USB flash-memory drive option. Click Next.

Step 4: Insert a USB drive into the PC and select the drived when prompted to do so. Click on next and your donw. Now plug in the USB to all the computers which should be configured (and the router, should it have a USB port) and run the wizard, select the settting from the USB and your finished!

Linux 2 - More about Linux

Another reason for installing Linux is that it is easier to install than ever - on its own or alongside Windows. A distro such as Ubuntu can be ran from the CD to test it out with changes any files or settings. With today's big hard drives, you can even try out dual-booting which is where you can have both Linux and Windows installed on one machine, one will not affect the other. You can also install Linux on an old PC, you will be surprised at how much of a speed improvement Linux can bring - this PC would be great for a media server, or basic home office tasks including printing documents.

Linux is as flexible and versatile as any other new Operating System. It is excellent for starters as an excellent multimedia platform with all the right programs included. For more advanced users, Slimserver allows a media server to be set up on a wired or wireless network. Editing programs for audio are also included, i.e. Audacity. Linux can also play videos and DVDs too. A professional office program, OpenOffice is also included and all documents created can be saved in a format which is accepted by Microsoft Office. The suite has everything from a word processor, to a spreadsheet program, to a presentation and even a drawing program. Firefox, the web browser, is also included in the operating system - this is much better than Internet Explorer. The best part is taht it will not take you mnore than 2-3 minutes to get used to Linux, its just like Windows, but faster, better and FREE!

Linux interest is growing rapidly and it already is one of the most widespread operating systems among IT professionals. Dell, has a whole range of systems that do not include Windows but Linux! Ubuntu will be the best choice for anyone wanting to start up with Linux and that is why our guide will be all about Ubuntu - get ready to start learning more and more over the next few weeks!