Grand Theft Auto 4 - Brucie - Search and delete

Brucie - Search and delete

After doing some side missions, you will get a phone call from Roman saying that Brucie has some work. You'll get a text message offering more work. When you're there a video will play, after the video he'll tell you to get a cop car of course this won't be easy. Phone 911 on your mobile then select 1 on your mobile to go on the police when the police arrive go to the other side where the cop isn't out enter and lose your wanted level. The pone will phone Brucie. Press L1 in the police car and select search police records then search Lyle Rivers . When the computer has found him press enter press X to mark Lyle's house on the radar, quit the computer and drive to his house, it'll use the radar for this. Go in the house and out side the door where a video will play he'll escape out a window, go out the same way you entered. Then chase Lyle and kill him by car. When his car doesn't work he'll run out on foot kill him. Then the mission has finished your cash reward is $3500.

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