Grand Theft Auto 4 - Elizabeta - The Snow Storm

Elizabeta - The Snow Storm
Go to the old hospital and get Elizabeta's coke back. Once you've arrived at the old hospital go inside kill everyone inside the old hospital, then collect the cocaine.
N.O.O.S.E (the police) will be after you (3 stars) and try and kill you, kill any police officers in your way and escape the hospital and drive off to lose them lose them.
Little Jacob will phone you and you'll meet in an alleyway. Michelle will appear and you'll find out that she's working for the government! You will give her the coke to her in the cut - scene.

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  1. there is a ladder in the back of the building. climb up it and there are 3 guys, kill them and kill the 2 guys in the room with the coke. grab the coke and you can skip killing half the guys in the front half of building.