Grand Theft Auto 4 - Faustin – Final Destination

Faustin – Final Destination

First drive to Guantanmo Ave in South Bohan (no one will follow you). A new island will be on the other side (this may have been open before, but I may not have gone there) of the East Borough Bridge, so a new island is unlocked. When you get to Charge island, you'll have to pay a $5 toll road fee to enter the island. When you reach your maker go to the other side of the road where you will find some stairs, go up them and to Guantanmo station, kill Lenny. Killing Lenny isn't going to be easy, first you'll have kill his friends then go to the other platform without being run over by then train. After go down some stairs, he'll get in a car at the side of the stairs. Go to the other side of the street and get in the car. When you're in the car press L1 to shoot at his car (shooting will slow his car down). Afterwards the car is shot enough it will go on fire reverse the car to get away before it blows up. When the car is blown up, kill him by running him over shoot him or punch him to death. The mission will end the reward for this mission will be $500.

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