Grand Theft Auto 4 - Packie - Three leaf Clover

Packie - Three leaf Clover
Find a 4 door car with 4 seats . Go to the bank. Go to the vault after the cut-scene and go down some stairs on the character's left go down them and you'll see a roomgo in the room and there's an arrow poniting to the money your suppose to take go near it and it will automattically take it, but cameras will be wachting you!
After the cut-scene the police will be onto you (five stars and cheats won't work). Go out side and cover for your friends but don't let the cops kill you. Once you've killed the first lot of police follow Packie and Derrick, you'll have to cover for your friends loads of times then follow them until you get to a part which is a cut-scene.
Then follow Packie and Derrick down the subway and kill any cops in your way.
When you get to the station where the trains actually stop the be police on the other side try to kill the cops. One of your friends will say to go down on the tracks, go down when the person say so and the cops will follow you then kill them. When you've killed them go on the Niko's left side and follow Derrick and Packie but be careful of trains going on both sides or the trains might kill you! You'll have to follow Packie and Derrick to a little plataform where a door is go through it and climb up some stairs to go to street level. Lose the cops (you can use cheats to lose them).
Get a car and go to Packie's Ma's house when you've lost the police.
Reward: $250 000

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