Grand Theft Auto 4 - Playboy - Destruction for beginners

Playboy - Destruction for beginners
Playboy has had left some weapons in a car down town drive there and play boy will be following you.
When you've arrived go in the car to get the weapons. Exit the car and get on the platform press L1 to activate it press the up and down on the left along stick.
Eventually when you get up to the roof top get a sniper and kill the people on the cranes.
When you finish go back down again but playboy won't follow you. When down, go to the construction cite on the other side of the road. Find all of the Union Leadres and kill them. Playboy will tell you where the are the Union Leaders. You might need the different weapons you got in the car to kill them. The reward for this extra hard mission is a storming $6500.

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