Where I get cheap ink and great customer service

Just a quick update to let you know about which is the website that I use to get my ink cartridges from. I can get both of my original Lexmark cartridges for under £31 and the retail price is £37.50. Also, they have rebranded ink cartridges which each offer 3 times more ink than the Lexmark originals. They work great and I can get both colours and black for £28. Instead of 7ml per is cartridges that Lexmark provides, you get 21ml or 25ml per cartridge. The ink is no difefrent to Lexmark's original and of course it lasts 3 times longer and is cheaper!

If you think that's a lot wait until you hear this - you get 10% off all of your future orders and a nice sticker with each order to remind you of this. On top of that, shipping is free and they are always running offers when you get free photo paper or more. Brilliant! I couldn't recommend any company more!

Also: They sell all brand of ink cartridges and toners too! Get saving!!

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