10 Must-Dos in London

10 Must-Dos in London
10 Must-Dos in London

Venice Trip Report

Venice Trip Report
Venice Trip Report

Disneyland California Trip

Disneyland California Trip
Disneyland California Trip

Disneyland Paris Interview Questions, the process, details and more - my experience

I recently attended an interview for Disneyland Paris for one of the maintenance roles, not performing. So things such as working the shops, ticketing, hotels, guest flow, rides, etc. The interview was in London and in total I'd say there was around 40 people there.

We started off in the reception area where everyone was sitting silently which was very un-Disney-like and I sat in silence for about 10 minutes. We were then called into another room with chairs and a projector and sat down, being given an application form on the way in, all with a nice Disney background on the sheet.

We watched an intro video and were then given a quiz as an audience answering various questions about the Walt Disney Company and some prizes were given out; I got a Vinylmation (go me!) for answering almost all the questions :D (well, I do know my Disney stuff).

Then we continued watching the video and learned about the different roles available, about working at Disney and the accomodation. Accomodation is provided usually but they had none left for this particular Summer due to high recruitment.

Then we were told that interviews would be 20 minutes and we'd go in pairs to one of the recruiters, there were just 2 of them on that particular day. We then were told to organise ourselves in order so that those that had earlier trains could leave earlier and make them.

We then mingled around in our seats as people went for interview in pairs, I say "we" mingled. About a third of us did, some just sat there in silence not talking to the person next to them which probably isn't the best thing to do. So I talked to the girl next to me and over the next hour or so we got on like a house on fire, sharing life stories and having fun, laughing - we really put each other at ease and people kept on asking if we knew each other to which she replied "no, we've just bonded!" which I guess was true and was actually really funny. It was as if we'd known each other for years and it put us in a great mood!

We opted to interview together, and when one of the interviewers came in asking who wanted to go next our hands went up to go together as if they were umbilically attached, along with the biggest smiles you've ever seen. We both went in excited and nervous but there was no need, the lady who interviewed us was lovely and as she was French, it was a great test of our own French.

The questions were all very much about: what would you like to do there, why, why would you like to work for us, then general details about us and our life. Experience is not really required and its not the most difficult interview in the world. I did not have actual work experience but the compulsory work experience from year 10 paid off, as did being involved in the Enterprise club as that showed I had certain skills.

The interview was like a fun chat and was about 10 minutes each although it flew by! The only question she asked me in English was to introduce myself and then asked if I was comfortable doing the rest in French which I said "pas de probleme" and we then chatted in French. There were a few words I didn't know in French and stumbled a couple of times but she didn't seem to mind, I also misheard a question but she rephrased it and I then understood.

If you work in a shop hours can start from 7am and finish any time up to 2am because you'll need the clean the shop and count all takings every night. Strong french is required for attractions where you will need to do a 5-day training and pass training to get the role. You'll need to know how to add vehicles, remove vehicles, emergency stop, start the ride, close the ride, inspect it, evacuate and more for attractions. [Added after working at Disney: Hours for rides can also start at 6.45am to 1am and restaurants too will finish late]

Pay works out at about 9 euros per hour and after accomodation costs which includes all bills you'll have about 200 euros a week for food and general living, maybe put some aside too. After all, you won't be going there to make money because realistically you won't be leaving with much saved up, but it's a fantastic experience, great for your CV and if you do put some aside - even better. As for the accomodation it's shared between 2, 4 or 6 people and you have transport to work every day even at 6am or 3am. [Added after working for Disney: you pay for this travel yourself but 75% is reimbursed]

You are on site for 8 hours a day with a 1 hour lunch break so you are paid 7 hours. You work 5 days a week and you most likely won't have weekends off as those are the busiest times. You will do 3 days of initial training and more for the rides. No matter how long your contract you still do the training. Travel expenses are reimbursed up to 152 euros and they will repay 75% of the Paris travelcard if you commute from the Paris area or the residence.

They say you'll hear back within 10 days. The lady said my answers were perfect, my little work experience was great, and my langauge skills were good and kept saying "parfait" and said something along the lines of "I hope to see you there soon" and of course she'd need to discuss with her other colleague each application to be sure. So, I got very positive vibes and it would seem I got through, I just hope I did. The wait is killing me as I really want to go!

The only thing I am wondering now is if I put down my email address, I remember starting to write it but don't remember finishing it but my contact numbers are there so that should be fine. I want to email Disney about it but don't want to make myself sound silly so I'll guess I'll wait the 10 days and if I have nothing, I'll email them.

So Christmas 2011 or Summer 2012, *hopefully* here I come!

Update 30 June 2011: 9 days later and I am in! My first actual pass at a job interview! I was getting worried at the 9 day stage as I thought they'd forgotten about us. The way it works is that once you get through you are placed in a "talent pool" and when they find a contract that suits you, usually a month or two before your dates, they will contact you. Let's hope I get called back for Christmas 2011 or Summer 2012. Christmas would be better though!

Update 4 January 2012: I've started and now finished working at Disneyland Paris now for Christmas. Read the daily blogs here. Or the process before leaving here and here.

Update 18 September 2017: I also worked for Disneyland Paris in 2014 and 2015 read about that here. I also worked at Walt Disney World in 2013 - read about that here.

Questions and Answers - including dress code here.

Lovefilm and the film industry - formats, DVDs and the Lovefilm player

I'm now a member of Lovefilm and get unlimited games and DVD rentals of 3 disks at a time for under £20 a month. This also includes a relatively new addition would is the Lovefilm player. On the more expensive packages you get unlimited streaming of a selection of films and Tv shows. On the cheaper packages you are limited to a certain number of hours.

Lovefilm's DVD rental service has 10,000s of different DVDs. The problem is that their streaming service has just 4000 items. I've watched Coco before Chanel, How to rob a bank and a few other movies instantly as I await for first DVD. Sounds great and it is.

Here is where my problem comes in though, the selection - 4000 items?! It is very frustrating seeing that I can rent a DVD at zero cost such as Tron Legacy, yet if I want to stream the same film online it would cost me £3.49. In fact the only films included in the free streaming player are older films. Why?!

Why is it acceptable for me to get a DvD via the mail for free but to watch it online i have to pay? It's madness and snows how the movie industry is out of touch with the modern consumers. I'm sure love film would love to stop paying postage both ways for DVDs. However it's the studios that dictate what they can and can't do.

Surely offering a stream would be better for everyone? They save on postage (bandwidth is much cheaper even at HD quality), the consumer gets the film instantly and for piracy: pirating a stream would mean a lower quality recording and more difficult than ripping a DVd and getting the film and all the extras in higher quality.

I'm not saying that they should ONLY have an online option but make it an option to view these films for free. After all, why should formats matter in the 21st century.

Orange RockCorps Volunteering

On Saturday I decided to make use of the opportunity to get a free concert ticket in exchange for 4
hours of volunteering. It was fun, exhausting and very rewarding.

The project I had selected was painting at Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Me and my friend arrived and we immediately noticed a big orange rock corps tent with music blaring out. It was hot as well, like 25 degree hot. After registration and an ice-breaker activity which involved us trying to untangle a giant know formed by picking a random strangers hand. It was fun and I started to notice that the age of the volunteers really did vary, although I am sure the website said up to 25 years old I think there were a few people in their late twenties there to get free tickets. Though I am a bad judge of age, so sorry if you were all under 25!

We got painting dog kennels in groups of four and these were not little dog kennels, in fact they were more like box rooms in a house. And we had about 3 hours left to paint four of them. We were 16 and 4 people were assigned to each room. We cleared debris, put tarpaulin on the floor, taped it and then had to paint the whole room blue for the huskies (as people did comment dogs are colour blind so I don't know if they'd appreciate the greyish tone they see but apparently they love it). We were the last ones to get a stepladder and despite this finished first and half of our group were sent off to do another room front scratch. A few stepladder moments later and despite being told not to paint the ceiling, we did - accidentally while trying to get to the top of the walls (oh well, don't think dogs can see that high).

Orange tshirt splattered with paint and newest pair of trainers and oldish jeans and 3 hours later we were done. We got given our tickets and food - a sandwich and a packet of crisps. never had a sandwich tasted so good, I was starving! It was past two o'clock and I had only had a light breakfast.

We then got tours of the cat area where there was a cute little cat that came out to greet everyone and it was so cute! Did I mention how cute it was? We then went over to the dog area which naturally are a lot louder and bark though there were some incredible dogs there. If I ever want to adopt, that'll be where I go.

Overall, I was tired at the end of the day but it was totally worth it. A free ticket, a nice feeling inside, an encouragement to volunteer, I got to meet a lot of new people and it was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. Do it! I'm so glad I did!

Let's hope the scheme's still running next year, if so see you then! And for everyone else from the project, see you at the concert July 12th!